My SFC Pageant Hide is complete! You can download it from the links on the SFC page, or right here:

Download Hide

34 Responses to “Hide”

  1. Nuprahtor Says:

    Thanks for this game!

  2. g Says:

    really really awesome game. i found 3 signs, but can’t get them in time before the monsters get me. (

  3. Sebby19 Says:

    Hmm, I can’t seem to play it. I see a very bright blank screen with a cursor, then my monitor say “No signal” and shuts off. I do hear sirens coming from the game. Minimizing and maximizing the game doesn’t seem to do anything.

  4. Alex Says:

    Lovely game. thanks for making it. Creeped me out a bit and I’m playing it in daylight…

  5. Beanz Says:

    I’d like to put in my 2¢, from a non-technical point of view:

    Playing this game was amazing! I got so many adrenaline rushes! Especially when the light monsters would gain on me. Every time I was caught my nerves were so high I’d feel like I’d need a cigarette to calm myself down! (Don’t worry, I didn’t)
    However I feel like you missed the mark on the meaning it seems that you were trying to imply. *SPOILER ALERT* I’m woken in the dark woods, out of breath, no idea what the hell is happening, and I’m being chased by these alien-speaking light monsters, with very little control of my actions and no way to defend myself. I am definitely a victim here. Yet at the end it says that fortunately this happens to criminals like me all the time. I can’t help but to develop some sympathy for these criminals.
    I am also confused as to how criminals “prosecute” and commit “starvation”. Finding the locations, with each word having a very heavy connotation (minus “prosecute”), gave me the sense that I was walking into something horrifying, not that I was committing them. I understand that you were working around a theme, but I believe that this game brings out so much emotion from the player that there’s a fantastic opportunity to leave them with a much stronger message!
    Sorry if you find this long comment annoying, I just had to get this all off my chest.


  6. Adam Says:

    Hey Andrew, I really enjoyed playing this and made a video playthrough on Youtube of my experience. I hope you don’t mind me posting it, but I think more people need to see this excellent game.


  7. admin Says:

    Hi Adam. Thanks for playing, and thanks for making the awesome video. I really like the motion blur effect, actually… maybe I should put that in the next game.

  8. Adam Says:

    Thanks Andrew. I’m glad you enjoyed the video and I’m excited to see what you come up with for your next project. Take care. =)

  9. n3burgener Says:

    For anyone considering playing this little game: it’s definitely worth checking out. There’s a surprising level of immersion and depth to the experience, which is even more impressive considering how minimalistic and crude everything is. I think it captures a lot of the more psychological aspects of survival-horror, provided you’re able to “get into” the gameplay. A lot of my satisfaction came from the internalization of everything, wondering what was going on, interpreting the signs, and filling all of the blanks in for myself.

    I wrote a much more in-depth review and analysis, examining how the different elements contribute to the thick, stifling atmosphere. If anyone’s curious to know more about the game, or if you’ve played it and want to mule some thoughts over, the link is below:


  10. HyprDmg Says:

    Not bad. Played through a few times, and only found 3/5.

    Only suggestion I have is to have a “Stat Over” button (or something like it) so you don’t have to re-open it every time you die.

  11. Jonathon Wisnoski Says:

    Great game but never sound seem to get the timing right to run, or do you get tried and stop being able to after awhile?

    And mouse was a pain because I would forget the the buttons do nothing and unfocuse the game occasionally.

  12. Zero Says:

    How does one play the game in windowed mode?

  13. Bryan Alexander Says:

    Nifty game. I like the combination of confusion and dread.
    Found 4 of the signs over different games, only 3 in a single session.

  14. Joaquin Says:

    Impressive, so impressive…

    This game is quite good, simple gameplay and graphics, but an excellent atmosphere and sound effects, playing with headphones gives a really good inmersive feeling

    9/10 (random stats)

    Sorry if you find bad grammar

    -Some Argentinian guy

  15. Joaquin Rodriguez Says:

    I’VE WON!

    You found all locations.

    Unfortunately for you, as for many, your flight was in vain.

    you will be brought to justice
    and they will never be

    THE END.

  16. zim of rite Says:

    This game is SO creepy, Several times I had one of those pig monsters on the other side of a tree or something (and I love that I can hide behind trees and stuff). The breathing effects are great, they made me feel like I was actually in the game, I have never stopped to catch my breath in a game before, but they need to be longer, it loops too soon IMO
    Good: gameplay, sounds, nearly bug free.
    Bad: The breathing loops too soon- making it sound really repetitive, the sprint key is annoying (I think you should double tap ‘W’ and hold to sprint, makes it easier), difficulty- I spent like 20 minutes looking for the last one and it became kind of mundane instead of scary.

    OVERALL: 8/10, excellent game, some things could have been better, but overall, TOTALLY worth downloading, it’s one of the best indie horror games I’ve played in a long time!

  17. Eljoaco22 Says:

    Good game :D Thanks for making it.

  18. admin Says:

    And thank you for playing it. : )

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  20. the miner Says:

    it says failed to load dll. :(

  21. thinnairr Says:

    I think Beanz above made a good point about it, and I certainly find it more mysterious than clear. Personally, it reminded me of something like from WWII horror stories. While I find the high-tense gameplay kinda cool, it is the story that short indie games tell that make them memorable.

  22. Amata Says:

    I recently did a video on this game… I would love to see you expand it more.


  23. Dan Says:

    This game was amazing.
    Most atmospheric game I have played (after s.t.a.l.k.e.r of course). I don’t understand how beautiful it is and how immersive, I was so scared. Although I kind of wish there was more to it.

  24. matt Says:

    When ever i play it i get the sound but no picture. It’s just like a white screen accept black.

    Please help me.

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  26. Adam Jícha Says:

    Hey, awesome game! I created a video for this. :)

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    [...] a book about the connections between romance landscape paintings and landscapes, and he talks about Hide in it: The dramatism of Friedrich’s trees is also recognisable in the oppressive winter [...]

  28. watrainbows Says:

    Hey Andrew, would you mind if I do a let’s play of this game on my YouTube. :D

  29. admin Says:

    Go right ahead!

  30. Adrian Genesis Says:

    Hey, I played Hide just a second before ….
    I never been scared like playing this game before.
    Nice graphic effect, and…specially SOUND, that…sound made me crazy and scared..

    Thanks for this game, Andrew

  31. admin Says:

    Thanks for playing Adrian! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  32. xBlooms Says:

    Would you please make free android port of this game? i would love to see this on android!

  33. Dallas Says:

    This game is great! I enjoyed playing it and I look forward to again.
    I would love to make a game in the style of this and others like Imscared and 7days.
    What do I need to do this?


  34. admin Says:

    Hide is made in Unity, a great tool for making 3D games. If you’re just getting started with programming, check out this website; it’s a good source of inspiration and resources.

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